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I am heaven bent on championing artists and writers by curating art-filled, fun events for artists and authors to show and sell their work and expand their reach in the community.  No more starving artists or authors!!!

We creatives have bought into the idea that because we have a gift of art or writing that we have to give it away.  It is easy for us to create so why should be ask a lot of money for what we create? Because we add value that no one else can add.  We have a unique way of seeing the world and expressing it through our craft that no one else can do.

Using the word “gift” to describe someone’s talent is part of the problem.  Yes it is a gift that was given to us from our soul, God, Goddess, Spirit or the Universe or what ever you want to call it, but that does not mean we have to give it away.  If we under price and undervalue our work we perpetuate the myth of the starving artist.

Have you ever been to an art show and someone next to use is selling their paintings for $20?  I have!  Not only are they devaluing themselves but they are creating an environment in the buyer that says art should be cheap.  If you think about it you know that a painting took more than say an hour, possibly 2 or 3 so in essence they are making between $5 and $15 an hour if you take off money for supplies.  So art is worth what you might pay for a Big Mac at McDonald’s and if it is any more than that it is priced to high?

That is the equivalent of selling your soul, because you put your soul into what you paint.

Another thing I hear all of the time is “I have to mark it cheap so it sells because I have bills to pay.”  That statement comes from lack consciousness and a belief that if it isn’t cheap it won’t sell.   What if an art collector walked by, saw your $25, $75 or $100 painting and would have bought it if it was $1000 or more.  The same painting!  That actually happens!  Collectors like to show off what they buy and what fun is it to show off an amazing painting that you bought for $25.  $25 means it has little value.

So I am creating events where artists and authors are valued.  Where authors and artist support each other and the community takes notice.  For example I will be interviewing each participant and posting the interviews in both of my blogs.  I will share on social media and ask each participant to share each blog on their social media.  Imagine the impact of 25 people sharing your interview on their social media pages.  That will touch a lot of people who the participant might never reach.  In order to build community before the event I am having a gathering of all the vendors to get to know each other and brainstorm ways to improve attendance.

Brush & Pen is currently taking place at Blue Harbor Center for the Arts on Saint Paul’s West Side. The first event is August 18, 2018.  This is an intimate venue that will comfortably hold about 25 individual vendors.  Katelyn curates each show to make sure there is a diverse variety of artists and authors.  Individuals are invited to participate. There are no crafts in this show.

Imagine lots of people appreciating and buying art, stolling musicians, and lots of beauty.  Artists meeting authors and artists and authors meeting community! Followed by a meet the authors and artists networking event.

All the events are in the spirit of fun, creative expression, to showcase local artist and bringing community together.

Unleashing My wild creativity!


Sometimes it is crazy being a creative and visionary who thinks outside the box. If you are anything like me you understand because our minds are always popping with ideas.  When an amazing creative idea pops into my mind I get so excited that I want to share it with someone immediately.

I have to stop myself because I have learned the art and importance of incubating an idea.

Nature, a great role model of incubating, is teaming with examples. The egg, the seed the cocoon and the womb are all examples of incubators.

To incubate an idea means, to provide a protective environment where an idea can develop and mature. I see incubating as one step of the four stages of creativity, which are:

1: The Seed Idea Stage: That is the idea that seems to drop in from no where. It’s like the embryo, the caterpillar or…

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Unleashing My wild creativity!


When I use the word ‘wild’ I don’t mean out of control. In it’s original sense, it means to live a natural life with innate integrity and healthy boundaries. When you are in touch with your innate nature you are in union with your creativity.

In our natural state we carry everything we need for healing and staying in balance. We are in touch with our deep knowing. We don’t censor ourselves and we live authentic lives.  We are in touch with our dreams, desires, personal signs and symbols and have the tools to access them.

As a society we have lost touch with the instructive psyche, our inner guide and we rely on outside sources to guide our behavior and decisions. The inspiration, insight and images and dreams we carry are not allowed to develop.

Would you like to get in touch with your innate creative nature which is…

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My Video Gallery




I am excited about my new website showcasing my spirit portraits! You can find it at Liaisons with Spirit

I started Painting!!!







It has been 2 years since I did any visionary art.  I have been feeling the urge and inspiration for a few weeks now and over the last few days I did this painting.  It is still attached to my drawing board but will be framed soon.  It felt amazing to paint again.  It was just like an old friend…didn’t feel like we have been apart for so long, and were able to pick up where we left off.


Exciting New Project


It has been a while since I was excited about a new project but I am now!  I have wanted to create an new meditation deck for a long time. One that would take the idea from Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck to a deeper level. The inspiration came to me to combine the images from two previous projects, create a few new ones and make them into a meditation deck with inspirational guidance and exploration of symbolism.

One project I did in the blog called 30 Day Art Practice where I created a new image everyday for 30 days and the other one is called Infusions of Angelic Light which was a project I did several years ago with a musician friend.  I would connect with him on a higher level at an appointed time and he would create music and I would create an image.  We did 24 images with music in that series and it was transformational.

I am really excited to pull all this work together in one package and make it available!