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I am excited about my new website showcasing my spirit portraits! You can find it at Liaisons with Spirit

I started Painting!!!







It has been 2 years since I did any visionary art.  I have been feeling the urge and inspiration for a few weeks now and over the last few days I did this painting.  It is still attached to my drawing board but will be framed soon.  It felt amazing to paint again.  It was just like an old friend…didn’t feel like we have been apart for so long, and were able to pick up where we left off.


Exciting New Project


It has been a while since I was excited about a new project but I am now!  I have wanted to create an new meditation deck for a long time. One that would take the idea from Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck to a deeper level. The inspiration came to me to combine the images from two previous projects, create a few new ones and make them into a meditation deck with inspirational guidance and exploration of symbolism.

One project I did in the blog called 30 Day Art Practice where I created a new image everyday for 30 days and the other one is called Infusions of Angelic Light which was a project I did several years ago with a musician friend.  I would connect with him on a higher level at an appointed time and he would create music and I would create an image.  We did 24 images with music in that series and it was transformational.

I am really excited to pull all this work together in one package and make it available!

Jane Evershed.

I have been a fan of her work since I first encountered her posters for sale in a big open warehouse space in Lowertown in St.Paul probably 25 years ago.  I felt connected with it because it comes from a similar place as my inspiration does, the divine feminine.  I love her use of color, movement and playfulness in what is actually deep powerful messages.

I friended her on facebook a while back and have been watching her new work unfold.  Today she posted that she was going to be at a coffee shop with her paintings and I had to go see them in person.  I hadn’t intended on getting into a conversation with her that lead to us looking at my web gallery and my own paintings.  I was there to admire what she had done.

To get feedback from an artist that I admire means a lot to me.  I haven’t painted much in the last 5 years and just recently began painting again. Okay, I have done one painting.   I am not sure what my resistance has been but I have a sense that when I get started it is going to take me on a new journey, because that is what always happens.

Maybe it’s the journey I have been avoiding because I know how consumed I can get.  It is a good kind of consumed but the rest of my life often gets out of balance as I go off gathering images from a land far away.  A place where there is no time.  A magical place where I often learn something new and discover parts of myself that I didn’t know existed.

It wasn’t surprising that Jane and I could connect around art and art making the way we did because she goes there too.  We talked about painting with oils which I haven’t done since I first started painting as a teenager. She suggested I might want to try oils again and I felt myself getting a bit nervous.  It would me stretching out of my comfort zone and giving up control.   She share some tricks with me about creating an easy palette.  But hey, I love watercolors and it is easy for me.  I might have to try oils.

I talked about being stuck and not finding my jumping off place to start painting again. And at the end of the conversation she suggested that I start exploring anatomy books and see if they might inspire me.   It was an intuitive suggestion and I take those kind of suggestions seriously.

On my way home I stopped at the library and came home with a stack of human anatomy books.  I have a feeling this is going to open up a new body of work…no pun intended!

Thanks Jane!

This is one of Jane’s paintings made into a poster which you can purchase at her website


It has been 6 months since I left my career and one of my intentions was to get back into my creative flow.  IT’S HAPPENING!!

One of the things that has helped open the door is a new website.  It has been years since I had a update on my website because I didn’t have control with changing things and the women who created the site has long since disappeared.  Though I have a lot of visitors to the site there isn’t any fresh energy happening on my part.

I would love to have you check out the new website and let me know what you think.

Here is the old site: Katelyn Mariah Creates

and the new website, that is still a work in progress:

Katelyn Mariah Visionary Artist


The Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck was the beginning of my journey as a visionary artist.  I had been part of a group studying Peruvian Shamanism through the Medicine Wheel, when I got sick with a severe sore throat that wouldn’t go away.  I was worried that I might have something very serious.

One day at my art studio I began to draw and image and this was the gateway to this deck emerging.  When I finished the drawing I knew it was only the first of many and they came fast and furious over the next two months.  So fast and at such times that I wasn’t able to capture them all in paintings.  By the time the series was complete I had 44 paintings.  When the paintings were complete, my sore throat went away.  I believe this was the opening of my throat chakra, which is often closed in many people.

This was the beginning of a deep journey that would transform my life as a person and as an artist, and would awaken me consciously.  At times it was painful, at times it was joyful and in the end it would leave me stunned and amazed.

I met  the late Ron Mangravite, an expert on symbolism and esoteric mystery and director of a Modern Mystery School, at a salon held at Dr. Jan Adam’s home.  When he saw my images he assumed that I had studied esoteric symbols in great depth and began talking to me about them.  I had no idea what he was talking about because I hadn’t studied this subject.  It was hard from him to believe that I didn’t know what I had done because, according to him, I was using such an incredible “mixed bag” of symbolic, cultural images that one could not know unless they had done years of esoteric study, so it was amazing that they just sprung from my inner world.

What looks like simple drawings are provocative images that take one deep inside. They might be mistaken for a tarot deck is described this way by Ron,

” What we know as Tarot, was initially, a series of drawings illustrating an initiate’s true identity, discovered during a deep inward journey,” he said.  “These drawings, in the form of a deck, were presented to the master teacher to show what the initiate had truly discovered.  The master teacher could tell immediately, by looking at these images, whether or not the initiate had discovered his “truth”.  this is what allowed the initiate to graduate and have the right to say ” I know my identity.  That is why I am pleased to announce that Katelyn is an initiate of consciousness.”

I was stunned when Ron told me I was an “initiate of consciousness”, which he said was quite rare in our culture.  I was just following my inner inspiration where it was leading me.  In a subsequent conversation about my new art work, I asked Ron if I could study with him.  He told me that there was nothing he could teach me that I didn’t already know.  I write this with the utmost humility because this was 19 years ago and I still haven’t quite taken it all in.

The meditation deck came about when a friend who owned a book store saw them and said she wanted to support me to bring the images into the world.  She started a publishing company and produced the Awaken The Goddess Meditation Deck for me.  We had a big celebration when they were done and Ron flew in from North Carolina to speak about them.

I have some of this first printing available for sale.  When they are gone they will no longer be available.  If you are interested in purchasing a deck you can find the information by following this Awaken The Goddess